AMSORB® Plus prefilled CARE-CAN absorber canister, 1.4 L, box/8

Product Overview
Product Overview

Amsorb® Plus CO2 absorbent and absorbers from GE Healthcare are tested and verified to function with compatible GE anesthesia machines. The products perform optimally in removal of CO2 from the breathing system while offering significant benefits to the patient, environment and clinical operators.

Main features
Designed for low flow anesthesia due to its inability to degrade anesthetic agent and high absorptive capacity
Good for patients: Does not cause anesthetic degradation or produce any harmful by-products like Compound A, Carbon Monoxide or Formaldehyde
Easy to use: When desiccated, will retain its violet color longer resulting in color indication you can trust
Eco-friendly: Free of strong base chemicals that are found in other absorbers; breaks down into harmless compounds

Color Indication you can trust
Designed for low flow anesthesia


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